04 nov


12TH THNS FORUM AT INSA LYON: Smart territories and Sustainable mobility

The THNS forum - Transports à Haut Niveau de Service - is an international symposium on sustainable development of urban transport systems, launched in 2008 by Tongji University, ParisTech and Mission Transports Intelligent of the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Sea. In 2015, the forum was acknowledged as a success as it was enlisted in the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21).

For this 12th edition, INSA Lyon was chosen to host the event and gather representatives from chineese universities (Tongji University, Dalian University and SouthWest Jiaotong University), INSA Lyon laboratories and local stakeholders, to share their expertise in the fields of urban planning and management, transport, energy and environment.

INSA Lyon researchers from CITI, DISP and LIRIS laboratories were associated to the event to present their work on different topics such as : Vehicle routing problem for City Logistics systems, Smart Deliveries and Stability measures. Lab visits were organised for participants along with presentations.

Holding the event at INSA Lyon was consistent with the university activities and involvment in Smart technologies. Moreover the INSA short programme SMART Lyon for international students will be reiterated in March 2020.