26 aoû
Du 26/08/2019
au 30/08/2019

Sciences & Société

17e édition de la conférence internationale triennale "Liquid and Amorphous Metals"

Conférence co-organisée par le CNRS, l'Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 et l'INSA Lyon

The aim of the LAM conferences is to attract scientists working in the field of liquid and amorphous metals in order to discuss new advances and future directions in this intriguing field of condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials sciences.

This new edition will be the opportunity for broadening the purposes of the conference series to non-metallic materials, such as molecular glasses, polymers and colloids thus encouraging the interdisciplinary among different disordered materials fields, exploring universality of the observed properties, and stimulating novel discussions and collaborations among scientists from different communities. An accent will be given to breakthroughs and advances from cutting-edge large facilities as synchrotron radiation, neutrons and free-electron lasers facilities, for encouraging the community in exploring the potential of these advanced techniques for progressing in the understanding of liquid and amorphous materials.

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