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13 mar
Sciences & Société


Du 13 au 15 mar 2019

Composite manufacturing processes. Analyses, modelling and simulations

27 aoû
Sciences & Société

International Gear Conference

Du 27 au 29 aoû 2018

A major forum for the most recent advances in modern mechanical transmissions and their emerging applications

13 juil
Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Arthur Glacet

Study of quasi-periodic beam latttices: Vibration, Fracture, Homogeneization

11 juil
Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Stéphane TROMP

Lubrication with a refrigerant: an industrial challenge investigated through multiscale modeling based on fluid/surface chemistry

27 juin
Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Wenjun GAO

Modelling of Windage and Churning Losses in High Speed Rolling Element Bearings

25 juin
Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Julian ROLLAND (soutenance à huis clos)

Le circuit tribologique: un outil d'optimisation du 3e corps

16 mai

Soutenance de thèse : Wenqi ZHU

Effective elastic properties of foams: morphological study and micromechanical modeling

23 mar

Soutenance de thèse : Pauline CUSSEAU

The role of polymer additives on the behavior of engine lubricants in the Elastohydrodynamic and Thin Film regimes: From rheology to tribology

14 mar

Soutenance de thèse : Charlotte FOSSIER

Investigations on efficiency of truck axles and their hypoid gear set: a thermo-mechanical model

24 jan

Soutenance de thèse : Rabii MLIKA

Nitsche method for frictional contact and self-contact: mathematical and numerical study