From 18 May to 15 June 2022

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Get 6 US | 12 ECTS credits

Students should choose between tracks 1 and 2. Track 3 is compulsory.

Track 1. Connected Devices and Smart Devices - 45 hrs. lectures

Prerequisites: algorithmics and any programming language

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things | case study based course
  • Smart and Assistive Environment Project

Track 2. Management and Innovation in Europe - 45 hrs. lectures

  • Introduction to Project Management of Innovative Products and Services
  • Economics and Management of Innovation in Europe
  • Essential Skills of Entrepreneurs in Innovation-driven Start-ups

Track 3. French Language, Cross-Cultural Communication, Industry and Society - 45 hrs. lectures

  • Introduction to French Language and Culture
  • Developing Intercultural Competence
  • Industry and Society


  • Guided visit of Lyon
  • Day Trip to the Beaujolais, its beautiful landscape and typical villages
  • Day trip to Chamonix, special surprise activity at the foot of the Mont-Blanc, Europe's Highest Pic in the Alps
  • Cooking activity
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Share a dinner with locals
  • Dinner in a "bouchon lyonnais", a typical restaurant

*Due to the Covid pandemic, cultural and social activities might undergo some changes but will, in any case, be replaced.

Who can apply

  • All Science and Engineering students, undergraduate and graduate students

How to apply

  • Application from 3 February to 25 March

Start by informing the mobility coordinator in your university of your wish to participate in the program. They will confirm the exchange agreement between our institutions and your eligibility. They will then send us your nomination and you can start filling in your application online.

Some universities allow students to apply freely. If this is your case, you should still follow the application process indicated here.
Required documents to apply: a cover letter and a resume.

  • Acceptance by INSA Lyon

Applications will be reviewed within a few days of receipt.

  • Registration until 8 April

When your application is accepted, we will send you a link to download the following documents, completed and signed: a letter of commitment, a copy of your passport, an ID photo, our IT charter, and our Terms and Conditions.

You might need a formal "Higher Education Attendance Certificate" for a visa and crossing-boarders. For more information on our to obtain a visa, go on the France Diplomacy website.

  • Payment due 15 April

You will receive an invoice to make the payment before 15 April, via wire transfer. If your university collects payments, please contact the coordinator in your university.

Before applying, check your home country's regulations regarding the epidemic situation and travel policies. You may need additional documents and justification to be able to travel. INSA Lyon will provide you with information on the situation before your arrival.


  • Full cost: € 5,300
  • Exchange cost: € 2,000 

Check with your mobility coordinator within your university if we have an agreement and if the exchange cost applies.

Costs include half-board:

  • Accommodation to choose between a student residence on campus or a host family
  • Breakfasts and lunches from Monday to Friday
  • Participation and transport for all leisure activities organized by INSA Lyon
  • Return trip from the airport of Lyon to the campus, on arrival and departure.

They do not cover plane tickets and personal activities on weekends.

For cancellation and refund possibilities, please check our terms and conditions attached to this page.


Program overview

  • Students’ arrival will be Tuesday 17 May
  • Welcome session on Wednesday morning
  • Classes and activities will start Wednesday afternoon 18 May
  • End of classes and activities on Tuesday 14 June
  • Farewell session and students leave on Wednesday 15 June


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