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11/02/2021 14:00

Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Yu SHI

Study of the role of two dimensional nanosheets as fillers in Sol- Gel anticorrosion coatings deposited on metal surface

Doctorant : Yu SHI

Laboratoire INSA : MATEIS
Ecole doctorale : ED34 Matériaux de Lyon

Sol-Gel coating has got attention for the replacement of hazardeous Chromate Conversion Coatings for being environmental firiendly, having a mild synthesis condition as well as a controllable microstructure of the product. To overcome the shortcomings of the porous nature, fillers have been introduced to enhance the barrier effect of the coating. Two dimensional (2D) nanosheets have been studied as fillers due to their impermeability in atomic layer. To understand the role of 2D nanofillers in the enhancement of barrier effect to Sol-Gel coating, the electrochemical techniques have been performed. The role of 2D materials were probed with the interpretation of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) with 2D nanosheets charged Sol- Gel/metal systems with different reactivities to corrosion. The hexagonal Boron Nitride, electrochemically expanded Graphite and Molybdenum Disulfide dervied nanosheets were exfoliated in pure solvants as fillers. For possible applications, the coated systems were immersed in NaCl 30g/L solution.



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