Social and cultural life

INSA Lyon provides its staff with a whole range of different services, in the fields of health, accident prevention, leisure and culture.

The Committee for the Social Action of INSA (CASI)

Offers its members and their families the opportunity to do sporting and artistic activities on site, and provides tickets for shows as well as DIY equipment, and organises holiday trips.

Contact: Nathalie Godin - Tél: 04 72 43 85 83 -

The Prevention, Alcohol, Risks (PARI) group

Works in two main fields: the consideration of issues and the dissemination of information regarding alcohol and accident prevention inside the establishment. 

The “Preventive” Doctor

He advises the administration, the staff and their representatives concerning the improvement of working and living conditions in the departments, general hygiene on the premises and the protection of staff against all harm and risk of accident or work-related illnesses.

The Campus Centre for Educational Leisure (CLE)

The CLE manages a leisure centre and kindergarten for the INSA, CNRS and UCLB. 

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The Cultural Department

Throughout the year, INSA proposes many events organised by the student clubs, Arts Studies section or cultural department (theatre, dance, music, conferences, contemporary art exhibitions, scientific and technical culture exhibitions.) The DRAC (Regional Department for Cultural Affairs), the Opera, the Lyon National Orchestra and numerous professionals guarantee the high artistic quality of these events. 


Five restaurants allow you to take lunch on site. Two lounges are at your disposal for group lunches (meetings, training courses etc.) 

The unions

The union organisations represented: CGT, SGEN CFDT, SNESUP FSU, SNPTES FEN, FSU SNASUB, SUD education.