Human Resources policy

Manage the establishment's general, professional and sustainable development

To be sustainable, INSA Lyon's future development must be holistic, i.e. ensure the harmonious advancement of all our societal missions and beneficial for the Institution and all the players involved in its immediate environment, notably the staff.

The establishment's social progress must go hand in hand with that of its staff. This needs to be “professional” and supported by the implementation of resources adapted to the ambitions of our overall project, in terms of equipment as well as intellectual and managerial tools.

The integration and support of diverse populations make up the values and cultural identity, set out by the founders of INSA Lyon. Quite naturally then, the School applies an intentional and continuous non-discrimination policy in recruitment, job integration support (such as adapting the work station) and equal opportunities in career management; these are some of the factors that ensure the establishment's social progress.

Within this context, the Human Resources Department manages and drives all the HR processes and ensures the coherence of job descriptions and recruitments relative to our permanent needs in terms of training, research and development.
Because we recognise the involvement of our staff in the advancement of the establishment, we mobilise all the resources and tools that we have at our disposal so as to support them during their integration, day-to-day activities and career development. The annual appraisals, the training plan that gives priority to achieving the establishment's objectives and supporting employees' professional projects, the internal mobility system, and consideration of personal career development based on criteria in line with our own overall development, are some of the tools utilised.