Become an Engineer

Proficiency in science and technology, a sense of values, artistic sensitivity and a sporting mindset, company culture and openness to the world ... the engineer that graduates from INSA LYON is a professional who has benefited from five years of unique training.

Becoming an engineer means preparing yourself for the professions of the future; working in new ways and in new fields, with constantly evolving methods in an environment of economic and information globalisation.

Highly trained in science and technology, engineers play an active role in progress.

They use their fundamental knowledge to develop good working methodologies and to be proficient in practical situations. Engineers embody realism, creativity and interpersonal skills. They plan, organise and guide, since they hold key positions in the company. They show adaptability throughout their career and continuously upgrade their knowledge to follow new technologies. Their ability to innovate makes them key players in progress, and the development of business activity.

INSA engineers combine in-depth knowledge and expertise in one or more sectors of the engineering profession with a balanced general culture, covering science and technology as well as managerial and human skills. They are experts in their field of specialisation, while having a solid overall foundation on which to develop their career and continually draw on the flow of information they will be subjected throughout their life. Aware of their human and social responsibilities, INSA engineers are able to understand the issues facing society and make decisions accordingly.

Their skills allow them to adapt to many situations, to evolve in complex and uncertain environments, to understand others, to manage projects and motivate teams of employees. As driving forces in their professions, they are capable of defending a point of view and bringing about qualitative advances.

Trained in several languages and inter-cultural awareness, INSA engineers are able to work in a European and multinational environment.