Integration of new staff

Aware of the challenge that lies ahead in terms of renewing a large part of its staff, INSA Lyon aims to facilitate the arrival and integration of its new employees, whatever their status or area of work at INSA.

With this in mind, the integration days in September and December allow new staff to equip themselves with all the basic information necessary for rapid professional integration, and favour the "sense of belonging" to the INSA Lyon establishment.

Integration of foreign teachers and researchers

Every year, INSA Lyon invites numerous foreign several teachers and researchers. If you are interested, you should make prior contact with a research laboratory corresponding to your field of activity (The laboratories and platforms).

Concerning the procedures to be followed when you are invited into a French higher education establishment, please consult the following website: Fondation Kastler

Integration of intership students

INSA Lyon welcomes students for internships (Secretarial, Public Accounting, Landscaping etc).

You can send your Curriculum Vitae, and application letter directly to services corresponding to the desired field of activity.

Note: apprenticeship contracts are managed by Human Ressources Department.