INSA Lyon offers double-degrees opportunities to its students who then get both the INSA engineering degree and the partner university’s diploma.

This double cursus provides exceptional training characterised by both institutions teaching approaches. It’s a real added-value as it prepares engineers’ integration in companies of both countries and, more broadly, to evolve in an international context.

More than learning another language and culture, a double degree brings up students adaptability, openness and maturity. Within a very competitive and global job marketplace, a double-degree is a key differentiator.

Double-degrees at INSA Lyon generally extends the tuition by one semester minimum. The course abroad starts in the 3rd year of the engineering cycle and students are in total immersion in the host university.

Over 30 double-degrees are offered to students at INSA, with many of our international partners. For further information please contact the International Relations Department.

As a similar training for international carreers, INSA Lyon implemented Specialized Masters Degrees - “advanced Masters”, i.e. - which are taught in English.