Life on campus

Health and social

How to get help and support if you have a problem

Support services and systems

  • Service Conseil et Accompagnement Personnalisé, CAP (Student Counselling and Support Service)

The Student Counselling and Support Service offers a warm welcome with personal advice and support by psychologists for all students throughout their education at INSA Lyon, with the aim of helping them succeed. Individual counselling sessions can be on a regular or as-needed basis depending on the students' preferences, and take place in an understanding, non-judgemental and strictly confidential setting.

  • Cellule handicap étudiants (Unit for Disabled Students)

The Office of Disabled Students welcomes and assists students with reduced mobility, organising all of the arrangements put in place in cooperation with the various INSA structures: Student Health Centre, Student Social Service, halls of residence, refectories, sports centre, Marie Curie library, and so on.

  • Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre provides medical care, counselling, support and prevention for students who have or develop health problems of any kind whatsoever (physiological or psychological, temporary or permanent disability).

  • Student Social Service

The Student Social Service's mission is to assist INSA engineering students with any temporary or permanent difficulties they may encounter. It receives the students either directly or after they have been referred by other INSA structures (Student Health Centre, Student Counselling and Support Service, Admissions Office, International Relations Office, etc.) or by lecturers or course directors.

  • Tutoring

The "Passerelle" tutoring system supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region aims to support students in academic difficulty. It uses tutoring (mostly in maths and physics) provided by engineering students on specialisation Master's courses. Working in partnership with the Department, the tutors infuse their work with the values of solidarity and mutual assistance, founding values of the INSA cultural identity.

  • Mentoring

Since 2008, INSA Lyon has been offering its students the opportunity to meet working engineers. This mentoring programme ("mentorat") is for voluntary engineering students who wish to discuss their own professional project.