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Doctoral thesis

A doctoral thesis is research carried out full time for a period of three years. The doctoral student is an engineer or masters graduate (bac+5).

The thesis is written under the supervision of a researcher authorized to direct research (lecturer, university professor, EPST officer or research director, etc.). It leads to a public defence and publication in reviews or conferences. Doctoral students are always paid.

In a great number of cases, the subject of the thesis is determined in common with a company which participates in progress meetings, sometimes even in the supervision of the doctoral student.

A thesis that is prepared in one of INSA's laboratories in liaison with a company is the subject of a research contract between the company and the laboratory. The doctoral student's remuneration can be specified in this contract and/or be the subject of a CIFRE agreement.

Doctoral studies are managed by the Doctoral Schools, in most cases shared between the following establishments:

  • Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.
  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon1.
  • INSA Lyon.