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Research at INSA Lyon is carried out in 23 laboratories recognized by the EPSTs (CNRS, INRA, INRIA, INSERM) or MEN. These laboratories are organized in five competence clusters: Biology-Health, ICST, Environment-Energy, Engineering, Materials.

Most of INSA Lyon's laboratories are "Carnot" labelled. This label is intended to promote the conduct of public research in partnership with socio-economic actors.

Research is directed by permanent research teachers (university professors, lecturers) who supervise full time researchers (doctoral or post doctoral) or students undergoing initial training (end of studies project).

Depending on the scope of a company's demand, INSA Lyon can offer:

  • the expertise of a recognized specialist, doctor, lecturer or university professor or post doctoral student.
  • the work of a student in the context of their end of studies project supervised by an expert.
  • the work of a doctoral student in the context of a part or all of his/her doctoral thesis supervised by a lecturer authorized to direct Research or a University Professor.
  • an integrated multi-partner research project at French level (National Research Agency) or at European level (seventh framework programme for technological research and development).