Life on campus

Main events

  From 03 to 14 September 2018 Integration week
  22-23 September, 2018 Integration week end
  27 September, 2018 Student Associations Forum
  From 04 to 19 October 2018 Un Doua De Jazz festival
  17 January 2019 FIMI Cross
  26 January 2019 Open day
  From 07 to 14 February Sustainable Alternatives Week
  3 March 2019 Raid "Dingue"
  6 & 7 March 2019 Rhône Alpes Forum
  15 March 2019 Diploma ceremony
  16 March 2019 INSA Lyon gala
  21 March 2019 TedXinsa
  From 23 to 30 March 2019 Solidarity week: Karnaval Humanitaire
  March 2019 Asian week
  March 2019 Fifteen Handicap INSA
  April 2019 Cross
  April 2019 Juggling convention "Au bout des doigts"
  From 5 to 7 April 2019 High Five Challenge
  13, 14 & 15 April 2019 INSA Orange Raid
  3 May 2019 Ball
  From 17 to 19 May 2019 INSA Lyon 24 hours

INSA Lyon gala - Diploma ceremony

The BDE organizes the Gala each year, INSA Lyon's prestige evening.
This evening follows the traditional Diploma Ceremony.

INSA Lyon Ball

The INSA Lyon Ball is the new electric and prestige event of INSA Lyon!

Solidarity week: Karnaval Humanitaire

The Karnaval  has several objectives: to facilitate local life (organization of a carnival procession, evening concerts, etc.), to raise students' awareness through lectures and involvement in international solidarity through taking part in a project, with a partner, in Africa. The association's main activity is to organize the solidarity week which takes place in a big top erected on the campus.

Disability awareness week

It is in the context of the national Handimanagement project, that INSA Lyon's Handizgoud association organizes an awareness week each year concerning the problems of the professional integration of disabled people.

Rhône Alpes Forum

The Forum Rhône-Alpes, the biggest recruitment show for student-engineers in France, has taken place every year for over 20 years. It brings together many national and international companies of all sizes to offer students a wide choice and enable them to explore the company world.

Juggling convention "Au bout des doigts"

The juggling convention "Au bout des doigts" aims to promote the arts of circus and juggling. It is the fruit of a partnership with other actors of the circus and juggling in the Lyon region, under the coordination of the AJIL, Jugglers Association of INSA Lyon.
"Au bout des doigts" is a moment of conviviality and exchange around the practice of juggling and circus arts. It allows jugglers to meet and train together,  while (re) discover this world full of dreams, by entertainment, parade, demonstrations and initiations.

INSA Lyon 24 hours

The 24 hours  is the biggest student event in the Rhône Alpes area and one of the largest in France: 50,000 spectators expected during the weekend! A remarkable rendezvous with over 80 organized cultural and sporting events (races, concerts, demonstrations, initiations).


The INSA Lyon RAID is the itinerant sporting trial organized by INSA Lyon's Student Office. It takes place in May and is composed of a variety of sporting events of different sorts depending on the year and the location chosen for the event.

Un Doua de Jazz

The Un Doua De Jazz festival takes place in October in Villeurbanne, with the particular feature that it is wholly organized by INSA Lyon students. The festival's priority is the dissemination and democratization of jazz in a student milieu. The festival has become one of the autumn's major musical rendezvous in the Lyon area. The programme aims to be eclectic and varied, and combines young Lyon talent with renowned international musicians.