Life on campus

Personalised advice and support

The main purpose of the psychologists and counsellors in the Personalised Advice and Support Service is to welcome, advise and support engineering students throughout their education at INSA Lyon in order to facilitate their career path and promote their success.

Individual appointments are offered to students on a voluntary basis, with respect for confidentiality and professional secrecy

These appointments can be one-off or regular according to demand. Generally speaking, they play several roles for students:

  • taking some time for yourself; 
  • finding a space for reflection; 
  • identifying and clarifying needs; 
  • highlighting and mobilising personal qualities and aptitudes;
  • developing customised solutions.

Students can request support from the Personalised Advice and Support Service on the following topics:

Adapting to the INSA Lyon environment

  • working methods, time management and organisation
  • stress management
  • campus life
  • social and/or cultural shock

Developing personal and career plans

  • the education programme at INSA
  • perceptions of the engineering professions
  • career change

Personal problems

  • unease, psychological distress
  • from breaking up with a lover to mourning a loved one
  • relationships with others, issues with socialising
  • traumatic events, disabilities, illnesses, etc.

During the year, the Personalised Advice and Support Service carries out other activities such as themed workshops in groups on time management, stress management, information on 'Parcoursup', etc.