Life on campus

Disability support

Enabling all talented students to access an excellent education

des élèves-ingénieurs jouent au foot en fauteuil roulantWidening access to diverse talent is a fundamental part of INSA Lyon’s policy. Indeed, one of the institution’s priorities is to enable young people with disabilities to access engineering education with the same requirements and ambition for their studies and future career.


Welcoming engineering students with disabilities

INSA Lyon has a mission to support students with disabilities, supported by the head of the FIMI department. She leads a multidisciplinary team made up of teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, accommodation partners and catering partners. This mission allows the necessary adaptations to be made according to the specific needs of each student.

For education:

  • changes to the curriculum
  • workstation layout (provision of suitable software, etc.)
  • adaptation of buildings
  • human assistance (note-taking, tutoring, etc.).

For campus life:

  • accessible accommodation and restaurants 
  • reasonable and adapted rates for accommodation 

In addition, this mission is developing partnerships with PRES ‘University of Lyon’, the MDPH (departmental disability centres) and some specialist associations. It also covers temporary disabilities (accidents, sprains, etc.) during the course.

INSA Lyon involves all its stakeholders

Throughout the year, INSA Lyon carries out awareness-raising and training initiatives for students, educational stakeholders and all staff to ensure that disability is everyone’s business.

Students as awareness-raising actors

As part of the national Handimanagement project, the Handizgoud student association at INSA Lyon organises an annual awareness-raising week on the issue of workplace inclusion for people with disabilities.

Make your situation known so that INSA Lyon can anticipate the necessary adjustments

  • In the INSA application process, it is important to make yourself known in order to benefit from a tailored package of services and to facilitate the implementation of specific arrangements.