The Science and English section in the Preparatory level of INSA Lyon

The SCAN section is the English section at INSA, Lyon. It was created in 1979 and has now been extended to cover the first two years of study, (Preparatory Level). The first year comprises two groups (48 students), half of whom are French and half international. The section is then open in the second year to an additional group from the Preparatory level.

The SCAN section is aimed at both English-speaking foreign students and French students who have acquired an excellent level in the language during high school.

In total, over the two years, 80% of courses are taught in English and 20% in French. For non-French speakers, French is compulsory. French speakers may choose any of the foreign languages taught at INSA Lyon.

While nearly all subjects are taught in English, the scientific and technical course content is similar to that of the traditional first cycle. In addition, the SCAN section offers specific modules focusing on Anglo-Saxon civilisations, business English, communication, and audiovisual projects with considerable emphasis on group work.

In the second year, up to 40 SCAN students are given the opportunity to spend two weeks at a European partner university where the working language is English. These visits enable students to experience a contrastive teaching approach.

One of the goals of SCAN is to foster a multicultural environment where English is the communication tool for both students and teachers. Students are invited to participate in promoting activities in the department through the ASIL association which organises several social events such as the annual orientation weekend, barbecue, etc.)

Studying in the SCAN section does not affect the choice of department for the engineering cycle. It can however help students gain an internship in the 4th or 5th year in an English-speaking country.

Damien Deleruyelle

Head of SCAN section

Madame Lorna Fitzpatrick