The INSA group

The number 1 French group of public engineering schools

Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse and, since January 2014, Centre Val de Loire.

With nearly 13,000 engineering students each year, some 10% of all engineering students in France, the INSA group is widely recognised on the world scene, in the same way as the prestigious American or European technological universities.

Today, the INSA Group represents a community of 80,000 engineers (36,000 of whom in Lyon), present in all areas of the economy and throughout the entire world.

A shared philosophy and values

Our schools share values based on four foundations:

  • training of responsible and highly-qualified engineers capable of becoming a force for innovation within their companies;
  • conscious policy of welcoming students from all backgrounds (gender balance, social and cultural diversity, foreign students, students with reduced mobility, etc.);
  • emphasis on humanistic education to train socially responsible engineers (human and social sciences, culture and sport);
  • education drawing on and supported by cutting-edge scientific research.

A common vision

Taking a common, top-level approach to recruitment, mainly post-Baccalauréat, the INSA group is known for training fully-qualified engineers in five years, and PhD graduates in eight years.
With a generalist and multidisciplinary core programme, the INSA group offers a wide range of specialisations covering all fields of engineering and architecture, from computer science to civil engineering, biotechnology to mechanics, materials to energy.

A common admission process for the INSA schools

  • Admission to the 1st and 3rd year is a common process to the 6 INSA schools and is based on exam results, the application file and, possibly, an interview.
  • Admission to the 2nd year is only possible at INSA Centre Val de Loire, Toulouse, Rennes and Strasbourg.
  • 4th year admission: specific recruitment for each INSA.
  • Please visit for all details regarding the admission process.