The Foundation

INSA Lyon wishes to take up new industrial, technological, scientific and societal challenges. By creating its partnership foundation in 2009, with the support of France's largest companies, the School demonstrates the quality of relations that is has developed over the years with its economic partners, and positions itself clearly in a strategy of corporate cooperation.

With its Foundation, and its development campaign whose objective is to raise 15 million euros over 5 years, INSA Lyon is opening a new chapter in its history, while remaining true to its values of openness, integration, and with the clear ambition of becoming an international reference brand.

The Foundation: supporting INSA Lyon's development

The Foundation has been created for a period of 5 years, renewable, and with the aim of supporting the development of INSA Lyon based on four areas:

  • Building for the future by developing Education and Research to serve student engineers, companies and socio-economic organisations.
  • Promoting the integration of culture, science and social issues in the education of future engineers.
    The reception, support and integration of diverse populations, backgrounds and cultures are part of the founding values and philosophy of INSA Lyon.
  • Drawing on the strength of 6 multidisciplinary sections to address environmental issues, notably the challenge of sustainable construction and habitats, in order to enable companies to combine growth and sustainable development.
  • Creating an attractive campus through the quality of the architectural and environmental heritage and the services provided to student engineers.

In light of its success, the INSA Lyon Foundation was renewed for a further five years.

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