Energy and Environmental Engineering

66 graduates per year

Engineers specialised in the production, conversion, transportation and use of energy, with in-depth knowledge of environmental management. General engineers trained in project management and prepared for international operations.

Final year options:

Process and Environmental Engineering, Thermal Systems Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering.


  • Training engineers who have acquired significant (theoretical and practical) scientific, methodological and economic knowledge so as to be able to solve societal and industrial problems in the fields of energy conversion and use, as well as process engineering and environment.    
  • At a time when no one can ignore the issues related to energy and environment, the graduates must develop the skills required for adapting to the evolution of technologies, thanks to their broad spectrum of knowledge. Equally, they must have good communication and listening skills in a field where the idea of “acceptability” is essential.

Rémi Revellin

Directeur du département Génie Energétique et Environnement

Département Génie Energétique et Environnement

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