The registar's office

The registar's office helps you to manage all administrative tasks

The main roles of the department:

  • Welcoming students and the public

  • Enrolment of students for training courses, engineering, masters research (MR2) and doctorates; registration with social security, grant management, issuing of education certificates, issuing of student cards. Information about recruitment procedures

  • Recruitment for fourth year in the engineering cycle

  • Management of foreign student applications from the CEFs (Centre pour les Etudes en France [Centres for Studies in France])

  • Issuing of diplomas, supplements to diplomas and graduation certificates.

  • Regulatory monitoring of graduate list

  • Management of interviews for 1st and 3rd year admissions

  • Responding to inquiries from different organisations

  • Definition and management of the training indicators (training guide)

  • Management and implementation of additional hours

  • Organisation and participation in student fairs in the southeast region of France

  • Organisation of student forums in high schools and IUTs (technical colleges), notably coordination of student delegates

CEPPOS and Registar's office Manager

Valérie Grosjean

Secretary's Office

Carole de Cruz / 04 72 43 89 24

Education Administration management

Saliha CHERGUI, Elayne GIRY, Chantal MICHEL, Sandrine PUZIN, Linda SOUMARI

Mobility IN & OUT

Educational facilities management

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