Support for success

An active and motivating pedagogy

The institution strives to implement active and motivating educational approaches: project-based learning, personal achievement, teamwork, and use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Education involves mastering the ‘basics’ of the engineering sciences and creating an environment that encourages the emergence of new behaviours conducive to innovation.

Passerelle: for solidarity between students at different levels within INSA Lyon

‘Passerelle’ is an initiative that allows graduate students to provide tutoring to first-year students in exchange for a fee.

This project was born out of the desire of INSA Lyon students to create a chain of solidarity between different levels based around student success. It is carried out in partnership with the FIMI (basic engineering education) Department.

The courses offered are in the form of one-to-one tutoring: 1 student for 1 student.

The tutors are graduate engineering students at INSA Lyon.
Student tutors who wish to engage in such a project must demonstrate motivation, professionalism and pedagogy. Priority will be given to students in financial difficulty. Indeed, the pay on offer is rewarding.

Building your career

Personalised support systems are offered to help students build their educational and professional career: choice of modules, specialisms, internships and stays abroad according to their tastes, skills and personal project.

Student Social Services Department

The student social services department offers social support to students who encounter personal or family difficulties of an emotional, material or financial nature. Following an assessment, it provides the means to resolve the various issues. It also assists foreign students with all administrative procedures: social security issues, CAF (family allowance fund) applications, recommendations, administrative information on mandatory internships and internship agreements, etc.

The infirmary

Students are greeted by nurses. They can receive care, talk to someone, be monitored, receive health information and be referred for consultations and to medical facilities according to their needs.