Asian section of the INSA Lyon Preparatory Level

Founded in 1998, this course prepares students right from the start of their graduate studies for the international requirements that are essential in the engineering profession today. Engineers are increasingly required to work abroad or with foreign partners because companies want to seize opportunities to develop international trade.

ASINSA takes in around 100 students in the 1st year, made up of about 50% French students and 50% Asian students, from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Thailand.

Studies at ASINSA

The teaching at ASINSA is based on the same programme as the classical first cycle at INSA Lyon; it is done in French. Tutorials and practical assignments represents the majority of teaching time; they are done in small groups (16-25 students approximately), which allows proper monitoring of students’ progress.

The course has several distinctive features:

  • Language courses: French students study the English language and an oriental language (Chinese or Japanese). NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED FOR THESE LANGUAGES.
  • ‘Worker’ internship: At the end of the first year, students must do a ‘worker’ internship for a minimum of one month in a country different from their country of origin. This internship is done in Asia by the French ASINSA students.    The internship department proposes internships to students. Financial aid may be granted.
  • Specific studies: lectures on Asian industrial culture are provided as well as meetings with engineers who are working in international environments. In the 2nd year, some of the course is organised around scientific, technical, or documentary research projects. These projects are an opportunity to work in international team.
  • At the end of the 2nd year, students integrate the specialist departments of INSA through the normal process.

Suzanne Cawston

Directrice ASINSA
+33 (0)4 72 43 70 40

Filières Internationales

Bureau de représentation INSA Lyon en Chine

Dan YE
INSA-Lyon Shanghai Office Rm3041, Central Plaza 16 Henan Road(South) ,Shanghai, 200002 China

Bureau de représentation Groupe INSA au Vietnam

Eric ANDRE //
IPO box 17 Central Post Office ,Hanoi, SR Viet Nam