Business Services

Internship and Apprenticeship

Internships and vocational trainings are an integral part of our student’s syllabus. 

Business plays a key role in educating prospective engineers, we thank you for your collaboration.
Hiring a student from one of our institutes will give your company a highly responsible, socially aware engineer with recognized technical skills, who will fit seamlessly into the business and social environment and bring new ideas.

To promote your internship and apprentiship offers, please use the following link:

For more information about the different training programs, dates and duration of internships and apprenticeship, we invite you to refer to the following table:

Biosciences   1st and 2nd year engineering students
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning     3rd year engineering students
Electrical Engineering   4th year engineering students
Energy and Environmental Engineering   5th year engineering students
Industrial Engineering   Engineering students on 3-year apprenticeships
Mechanical Engineering   Engineering students on sponsored study contracts
Information Technology   Students and professionals following a postgraduate course
Materials Science and Engineering