High Level Sports Section

Physical and sports education is compulsory in the training programme and helps to train the engineers by enabling them to assess effort and risk as well as the management of groups and situations. The brilliant results achieved in competitions make INSA Lyon the leading sport establishment among the Grandes Ecoles in France.

In 1981, INSA Lyon was awarded the management of a High Level Sports Section (SSHN), by the Ministries of Education and Youth and Sports of the time.

The SSHN aims to enable young athletes registered on the ministerial lists to simultaneously pursue their athletic careers and the preparation of an engineering degree, by specially adapting their timetables and extending their study period.

It can also serve as an “interface” structure between the many school laboratories and people involved in applied sport research.

Being a sportsperson:

    High Level and registered on the ministerial lists.
    good level (regular practice of a sport managed by a club and participation in competitions).

General information

All sports disciplines can be received. In view of the management structures, information will be given to candidates via the sports manager.
At INSA Lyon, the High Level Sports Section, established in 1981 under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Education, Youth and Sports, welcomes athletes, with priority given to candidates on one of the ministerial lists of elite athletes of the year (Elite, senior, youth, up-and-coming).
A few references: Bruno MARIE-ROSE (Athletics, sprint), Sébastien LEQUEUX (swimming), François PETIT (climbing), Olivier BACKES (sailing), Jean-Marc LHERMET (rugby).

The files of athletes registered on the ministerial lists are reviewed specifically by the INSA admissions committee, in compliance with the law on the organisation and promotion of sport and physical activity of 16 July 1984.
Following the admissions committee review, candidates are notified of results concerning:

    their application to INSA, via the online application site,
    their application to “Sports-Studies” by the Sports Centre of INSA Lyon.

If the request for admission to Sports Studies is not accepted because of an inadequate sporting level, the candidate is informed by the Sports Centre. In this case the application would continue through the classical section.

The scientific programme is strictly identical to that of the classical section. Belonging to the sports section does not affect the quality of educational results.
Science courses are held for the group and not in large lectures. The teaching modules are spread over the three years in a balanced way.

Sport teaching: in the first year, 26 students are taken in (all disciplines) and do their First Cycle over three years instead of two.
The timetable is designed so that, wherever possible, training takes place at night and students are released on Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Remedial courses can be arranged for students who have had many absences due to selection, training or travel.
The engineering programme is arranged according to the needs of the athlete (each student can have specific requests) taking into account the specifics of the specialisation department.
Sports monitoring is provided by the local sports training facilities (France division, Up-and-coming division, club). The school provides on-site facilities (e.g. gym) and specialised PE teachers.

Hervé Bizzotto

Directeur de la section sport de haut niveau
+33 (0)4 72 43 85 99