Active Science Training (FAS)

The Active Science Training section (FAS) takes in 24 students in the 1st year, from the scientific and technical baccalaureate (STI2D/STL) curriculum.

In this section, an innovative teaching approach is used to take the student from experimental stages to problem resolution, from the tangible to the abstract, via an analytical approach to situations and problems and diverse techniques for assimilating knowledge.

This teaching approach emphasises interdisciplinary workshops and autonomous work, and has a strong focus on ICTE (Information and Communication Technology applied to Education).
The evaluation strategy is based on the concept of skills assimilation, according to a defined reference set.

This teaching model ensures continuity with the school project culture, placing students in a learning situation, as active players in their own training.

Only the students with the following profile are considered for the FAS section:

  • Students with a Baccalaureate STI2D
    • technological innovation and eco-design (ITEC)
    • architecture and construction (AC)
    • Energy and Environment (EE)
    • information system and digital        
  • Students with a Baccalaureate STL
    • Laboratory 's Physical and Chemical Sciences (SPCL)        
  • Students having studied English in the Première and terminale or during its four years in secondary school.

Pascale Stephan

Directrice Formation Active en Sciences
+33 (0)4 72 43 80 11

Catherine Pothier

Responsable des études de la filière Formation Active en Sciences
+33 (0)4 72 43 63 16