Music Studies

A humanistic culture serving scientific education

Founded in 1984, the Music studies section at INSA Lyon offers students the opportunity to pursue scientific and music studies in parallel.

This section, followed from the 1st year, takes in around 25 students per year. It allows students who have studied and practiced music for several years to continue their musical activities.

The degree obtained after five years of studies is the same as that of other engineering students.

Over the course of five years, individual classes for specific instruments (approximately 15 hours over each school year) complement the general training in engineering that is identical to that of other students at INSA.

In the Preparatory Level, students in the department receive assessed training in musical theory (options: analysis, jazz, electro-acoustic, vocals): the grades are taken into account in their academic performance at the end of the second year.

Students who are musicians can join various musical groups (Symphony, Harmony, Chorus, Chamber Music, Big Band, Marching bands) and get involved in organising concerts and festivals, thus contributing to the cultural activities on campus.

Students wishing to join the Music studies section should indicate this on their application form for INSA Lyon.

Minimum entry conditions:

  • 5 years’ study of musical theory,
  • 5 recent years’ playing an instrument.
  • 7 upright pianos, a quarter-size grand piano
  • a viola, a double-bass
  • a clarinet in ‘A’, a bass clarinet, an English horn
  • a tenor saxophone, a bass trombone


  • 2 drum kits, 3 cymbals
  • 1 marimba, 1 vibraphone
  • 3 congas, a pair of timpani
  • a concert bass drum, a parade big-drum

Small percussion

  • cymbals, triangle, castanets, bell, tambourine...

Arnaud Sandel

Responsable Section Musique-études
+33 (0)4 72 43 64 56

Secrétariat Sections Arts-Etudes

+33 (0)4 72 43 71 46