Serving business

Research as a driving force for society

Partner in competitiveness

Highly involved in the business world, taking into consideration its partners’ priorities and needs, INSA Lyon develops and anticipates both fundamental and applied solutions, notably through competitiveness clusters:
- partner to 9 of the 15 competitiveness clusters in the Rhône-Alpes region;
- partner to 12 of the 14 research clusters;
- 1 Carnot Institute labelled: Ingénierie@Lyon
- 1,000 partnership contracts with laboratories and businesses, over half of which in research and the rest for service provision.

Sharing progress

One of the major roles of INSA Lyon concerns disseminating the results of scientific research and its applications in technological advances.
The Carnot Institute labelled illustrate the practical and original effectiveness of our model:

> "Ingénierie@Lyon" ("Engineering in Lyon" ) aims to become an international reference centre for the development and transfer of the general tools required for technology and competitiveness in the transport, energy, health and materials sectors.
To this end, "Ingénierie@Lyon" consolidates the partnership activities of 13 Lyon-based laboratories and 1 industrial technical centre across various scientific fields with a strategy for the emergence of multi-disciplinary competitiveness clusters.

Carnot Institute is a label which recognises the capacity of research structures to work effectively with socio-economic partners, notably businesses.