The Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is in charge of day-to-day staff management at INSA, as well as the development of the Human Resources.

Through these two areas of management, INSA has undertaken a modernisation programme to follow and support its staff. This should allow each staff member to utilise their resources and skills to serve the orientations and requirements of the Institution, while favouring their “individual professional projects”.

The HR Department is made up of 4 sections:

"BIATSS" section
Headed up by Amélie Favier, this section is in charge of administration and remuneration for "BIATSS" staff (Library, Engineering, Administrative, Technical, Service and Health staff).

Teachers and Researchers section
Headed up by France Rebouillat, this section is in charge of administration and remuneration for teacher-researchers, teachers, researchers and teaching contractors.

Career Support section
Headed up by Emmanuelle Richard, this section is in charge of skills development through training, professionalization of recruitment processes and career support for staff.

Specific Administrative Issues section
Headed up by Séverine Lablanche, this section is in charge of specific administrative issues (holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, pensions, etc.) and certain cross-department projects: disability, social diversity, and other HR projects to be implemented in the future.

Payroll Monitoring Department
Headed by Delphine Trevisi, this Department's mission is to monitor all of the INSA payments (State and Own Resources budgets) and to contribute to the reliability of the payroll process.

Projects Department
Headed by Françoise Georges, this Department ensures the reorganisation of services and change management, the forward-looking management of employment and skills, regulatory intelligence, equal opportunities and equal pay.

Payroll Department
Headed by Mihaela Oprescu, this Department ensures the management and monitoring of the INSA Lyon payroll.