5 bonnes raisons d'aimer l'INSA Lyon


A group of people who differ from each other by their geographical or socio-cultural origins, their age or their gender.
A model open to all differences.

33% grant holders
33% foreign students
over 100 nationalities represented
37% female students (5% more than the national Grande École average)
67 students with disabilities and adequate support systems
120 students with apprenticeship status


The surpassing quality or value of someone or something.
The ability to showcase your talent.

Net employment rate of graduates: 90.7%
71% of graduates find employment within two months
83% sign permanent contracts
95% are hired to executive positions
8 doctoral schools
21 research laboratories
Over 100 registered patents


The process of introducing something new in terms of usage, custom, belief or scientific system.
The act of continually making improvements to something.

More than 1,000 contracts with industry
Over 100 registered patents
20 start-ups created


The ability to accept different points of view.
The art of having an open mind.

12 education departments
130 student clubs and societies
4 arts courses
1 high-performance sports course
4 international courses


The state of being highly honoured or widely acclaimed.
The added value of a brand.

"The INSA group, and notably INSA Lyon, are very highly respected by recruiters. What sets them apart? High numbers of graduates and courses that offer a multitude of opportunities: apprenticeships, study periods and internships abroad, a rich student life …"

"The INSA group has developed tools that 'produce'
graduates who are much in demand on the job market."

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