International Bachelor

Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

INSA Lyon, one of France’s top engineering universities is running an International Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering in cooperation with ECAM Lyon and the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK), one of Britain’s leading technological universities.

The IBMMAE programme has received accreditation from the French "Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur" and the Ministry of Higher Education to award the national "grade de licence" degree.



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Find out more about the programme in French and English from staff and current students.

Why choose the International Bachelor in Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (IBMMAE)?

  • 1 - A Bachelor’s degree structure corresponds to a recognised standard for undergraduate studies worldwide. 
    On completion of the 3-year programme, it offers students the possibility of either entering the job market or continuing with further studies.
  • 2 – The IBMMAE provides the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies in fast-expanding engineering sectors. Real technical expertise is acquired as of year 1 and mandatory internships and real-world projects favour direct contact with industrial needs rendering students highly employable.
  • 3– The IBMMAE course implements interactive pedagogy focused on personal work and projects, to develop problem-solving techniques and foster quantitative and collaborative skills prized by employers. Classes are taught by internationally recognised experts in the fields of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering.
  • 4 – Students enrolled on the IBMMAE will study in 3 leading universities of technology and benefit from some of the highest standards and quality of teaching and research in Europe.
  • 5 – Over the 3 years, students will acquire a truly international profile and gain multi-cultural experience while becoming operational in French and English and possibly a third foreign language.
  • 6 – All IBMMAE Students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation both at INSA Lyon and the University of Strathclyde and have the use of student-union and sports facilities. Lyon and Glasgow are two of the most vibrant and attractive cities in Europe offering all the advantages of large urban centres while giving easy access to the surrounding countryside and mountain regions close by.
  • 7 – The IBMMAE offers an extremely competitive fee structure by international standards.

What are the Educational Objectives of the IBMMAE programme?

The IBMMAE undergraduate Programme is designed to prepare students for continued learning and successful careers in industry, academia and consultancy. Our alumni are expected to be able to:

  1. Apply their engineering knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills in a broad range of business fields, including aeronautical industries.
  2. Be directly employable in businesses or pursue graduate education in engineering and technology, as well as other professional careers.
  3. Conduct themselves in a responsible, professional, and ethical manner.
  4. Adapt to multi-cultural, multi-linguistic organizations.
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