02 Sep
Desde 02/09/2019
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Flinovia symposium : Flow induced noise and vibration

The aim of these three days is to present a state of the art as well as on-going researches on most issues and aspects of flow-induced vibration and noise.

flinovia is a group of researchers who focus their research activities on the structural excitation by turbulent flows, including turbulent boundary layers, ingested turbulence, free and impinging jets, and other turbulent shear layers. Structural response, including vibration, stress, as well as sound re-radiation are of particular interest.

The original idea is to group the persons working on these topics in a light format in order to give enough importance to the exchanges of ideas, to promote collaborations and suggest a high level of cross-fertilisation.

Around 30 renowned researchers are invited to present their work during a 30 minutes speech. After the conference the contributed papers will be published in a book edited by Springer as for the previous editions of FLINOVIA.

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