Innov@insa - mai - juin

Programme Overview

Acquire valuable international experience in Europe while getting 6-US Credit:

Required Course

French Language, Cross Cultural Communication, Industry and Society

  • Learn the basics of French language
  • Understand the impact of different industries on society
  • Develop Intercultural Competence

2nd Required Course to be chosen between

Connected Devices and Smart Devices*

  • Evaluate technical challengesand opportunities in the IoT
  • Design and build smart servicesfor assistive and ambientenvironments

*Prerequisites: algorithmics and any programming language


Management and Innovation in Europe*

  • Team challenge : conceive and presentan innovative technological productfor the French market
  • Acquire product developmentand entrepreneurial skills
  • Project Management

*Prerequisites : basic economics

Targeted Students

  • All Science and Engineering students, undergraduate and graduate students

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should apply to their University.
Before applying, please read carefuly the terms and conditions of the programme.

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