Innov@insa - mai - juin

FROM MAY 18 TO JUNE 15 2021

Acquire valuable experience in Europe while getting 6-US / 12 ECTS credits


Students are asked to choose between track 1 or 2. Track 3 is compulsory.

    1. Connected Devices and Smart Devices - 45 hrs. lectures

    Prerequisites: algorithmics and any programming language

    • Introduction to the Internet of Things | case study based course
    • Smart and Assistive Environment Project

    2. Management and Innovation in Europe - 45 hrs. lectures

    • Introduction to Project Management of Innovative Products and Services
    • Economics and Management of Innovation in Europe
    • Essential Skills of Entrepreneurs in Innovation-driven Start-ups

    3. French Language, Cross Cultural Communication, Industry and Society - 45 hrs. lectures

    • Introduction to French Language and Culture
    • Developing Intercultural Competence
    • Industry and Society


    • Guided visit of Lyon
    • Day trip to Annecy, the Venice of the Alps
    • Day trip to Tain L'Hermitage and the "Cité du Chocolat"
    • Cooking activity
    • Wine and cheese tasting
    • Share a dinner with locals
    • Dinner in a "bouchon lyonnais", a typical restaurant

    2021 schedule will be available very soon.

    Targeted Students

    • All Science and Engineering students, undergraduate and graduate students

    How to apply

    Interested candidates should apply to their University. Before applying, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the programme.

    They trust this programme