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25/11/2016 10:00


Soutenance de thèse : Thi Khanh Ly NGUYEN

New generation of epoxy networks based on ionic liquids: From structuration to final properties

Doctorante : Thi Khanh Ly NGUYEN

Laboratoire INSA : IMP
Ecole doctorale : ED34 : Matériaux de Lyon

Having excellent intrinsic properties with an infinity cation/anion combination, ionic liquids (ILs) have become very attractive in the field of polymer science, especially in the epoxy networks. Thus, this research work presents the preparation, characterization and modification of epoxy/IL networks. The first part of this work is dedicated to study the effect of ILs as comonomers in the formation of epoxy networks. The reactivity of ILs towards epoxy prepolymer and their role either as initiators or as curing agents in the formation of epoxy/IL networks was investigated. Then, the effect of the chemical nature of ILs on the final proprties of epoxy/IL networks was demonstrated including thermomechanical properties, thermal stability, surface properties and mechanical behaviors. In addition, the mechanism of curing reaction between epoxy prepolymer and ILs was revealed using different methods (FTIR and NMR). In the second part, modifiers (thermoplastics and core-shell particles) were incorporated into epoxy/IL networks in order to improve their mechanical performances. In the last section, the combination of ILs and bio-based epoxy networks was studied as partial or complete substitutions for petroleum based epoxy systems aiming for “green materials” coatings applications. Thus, the unique properties of ionic liquids led to remarkable changes in morphology and properties of epoxy systems. The relation between the chemical nature of ILs, the morphology and the properties of obtained epoxy networks was highlighted.

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