15 mar
15/03/2018 10:30


Soutenance de thèse : Stefan-Gabriel CHITIC

Middleware and programming models for multi-robot systems

Doctorant : Stefan-Gabriel CHITIC

Laboratoire INSA : CITI-Lab
Ecole doctorale : ED512 : InfoMaths

Despite many years of work in robotics, there is still a lack of established software architecture and middleware for multi-robots systems. A robotic middleware should be designed to abstract the low-level hardware architecture, facilitate communication and integration of new software. This PhD thesis is focusing on middleware for multi-robot system and how we can improve mono-robot frameworks for fleet purposes by adding multi-robot coordination services, development and massive deployment tools.
This thesis first evaluates one of the most recent middleware for mobile robot(s), ROS and continues with a state of the art about the commonly used middlewares in robotics. Based on the conclusions we propose an original contribution in the multi-robot context, called SDfR, a service discovery mechanism for Robots.
The main goal is to propose a mechanism that allows highly mobile robots to keep track of the reachable peers inside a fleet while using an ad-hoc infrastructure. We conduce a set of experiments, using a fleet of Turtlebot robots, to measure and show that the overhead of SDfR is limited. The last part of the thesis focuses on programming model based on timed automaton. This type of programming has the benefits of having a model that can be verified and simulated before deploying the application on real robots. In order to enrich and facilitate the development of robotic applications, a new programming model based on timed automaton state machines is proposed, called ROSMDB. It provides model checking off- line as well as on-line. This contribution is composed of several components: a graphical interface to create models based on timed automaton, an integrated model checker based on UPPAAL and a code skeleton generator. Finally, an experiment with a fleet of Parrot drones illustrates the proposed model and its ability to check properties.