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29/09/2020 09:30

Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Romain Mathonat

Rule Discovery in Labeled Sequential Data: Application to Game Analytics

Doctorant : Romain Mathonat

Laboratoire INSA : LIRIS

Ecole doctorale : ED512 Informatique Et Mathématiques de Lyon

It is extremely useful to exploit labeled datasets not only to learn models and perform predictive analytics but also to improve our understanding of a domain. The subgroup discovery task has been considered for more than two decades. It concerns the discovery of rules covering sets of objects having interesting properties, e.g., they characterize a given target class. Though many subgroup discovery algorithms have been proposed for both transactional and numerical data, discovering rules within labeled sequential data has been much less studied.
In that context, exhaustive exploration strategies can not be used for real-life applications and we have to look for heuristic approaches. In this thesis, we propose to apply bandit models and Monte Carlo Tree Search to explore the search space of possible rules on different data types such as sequences of itemset or time series. For a given budget, they find a collection of top-k best rules in the search space w.r.t chosen quality measure. They require a light configuration and are independent from the quality measure used for pattern scoring. We have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of our algorithms on several datasets to illustrate their added-value, and we discuss their qualitative and quantitative results.
To assess the added-value of one or our algorithms, we propose a use case of game analytics, more precisely Rocket League match analysis. Discovering interesting rules in sequences of actions performed by players and using them in a supervised classification model shows the efficiency and the relevance of our approach in the difficult and realistic context of high dimensional data. It supports the automatic discovery of skills and it can be used to create new game modes, to improve the ranking system, to help e-sport comentators, or to better analyse oponent teams, for example.


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