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17/01/2019 10:00

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Soutenance de thèse : Rémy CAILLAUD

Integration of a 3kW, AC/DC bidirectional converter using printed circuit board embedding technology

Doctorant :  Rémy CAILLAUD

Laboratoire INSA : AMPERE
Ecole doctorale : ED160 / E.E.A

With the endangering of the environment due to the use of fossil fuels, the power electronics market is growing through the years. The number of applications is increasing in numerous field as, for example, transport (electric car, "more electric" aircraft) or energy (photovoltaic, smart grid). Beyond meeting the volume, efficiency and reliability specifications for each application, power electronics should also reduce substantially costs. Today, the managing of the electric energy uses power electronic converters. The conception of a converter is a multiphysic problem. The converter has to ensure electrical functionality, mechanical support and proper thermal management.The new wide-band gap components are limited in performance by their package. The integration of a converter should use new interconnection methods to avoid the use of packaged components. The trend is to integrate the maximum of components into a single system. This integration can offer benefits such as size and weight reduction, cost saving and reliability improvement by managing the complexity and the high density of interconnection. Among many integration technologies available, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is well known in the industry, allowing mass production with automated manufacturing and assembly. The PCB integration was developed with the “Die Embedding” technology in which a bare die in embedded directly in the PCB to not use package. This thesis studied the embedding technology on others components necessary to the realization of a converter (Capacitors, Magnetics, …). An optimization of the converter is done taking into account the advantages of this new technology. A prototype of an AC/DC bidirectional converter fully integrated using this technology was realized.

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