26 oct
26/10/2018 14:00


Soutenance de thèse : Loïc FRAYSSINET

Adapting building heating and cooling power needs models at district scale

Doctorant : Loïc FRAYSSINET

Laboratoire INSA : CETHIL
Ecole doctorale : ED162 : MEGA

District scale building energy models are generally simplified in order to cope with lack of data and to reduce computational cost. However, the impacts of these simplifications on the model accuracy are not systematically studied, particularly when considering power demand. The present manuscript introduces a methodology in order to determine the suitability of any simplifications, notably at district scale, and considering the power demand. This methodology was applied to usual simplifications of the building envelope model, thanks to a specific platform developed in the frame of this thesis. This platform enables to automatically generate and simulate building energy models, with different modelling levels of detail, from geographical information systems. The parallelisation of the building energy simulations was notably implemented at district scale in order to benefit from the model structure and to efficiently reduce the computational duration. The  definition  of  indicators  related  to  specific  simulation  objectives  appears  as  a necessary step when focusing on the power demand. Results show higher sensitivity of the power demand to simplifications than the annual energy consumption. These effect are quantified and physically analysed. The district scale ability to attenuate simplifications impacts and to integrate statistical source of data was evidenced. The resulting quantification of the simplifications impacts made it possible to guide the adaptations of models to the simulation objective or to the available data. Such contributions aims to increase the efficiency and to favour the development of district scale energy simulations, particularly needed to cope with future challenges.