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20/12/2018 14:00

Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Arthur GATOUILLAT

Towards Smart Services with Reusable and Adaptable Connected Objects: An Application to Wearable Non-Invasive Biomedical Sensors.

Doctorant : Arthur GATOUILLAT

Laboratoire INSA : LIRIS
Ecole doctorale : ED512 : Informatique et mathématiques de Lyon

The rapid growth of fixed and mobile smart objects raises the issue of their integration in everyday environment, e.g. in e-health or home-automation contexts. The main challenges of these objects are the interoperability, the handling of the massive amount of data that they generate, and their limited resources. Our goal is to take a bottom-up approach in order to improve the integration of smart devices to smart services. To ensure the efficient development of our approach, we start with the study of the design process of such devices regardless of specific hardware or software through the consideration of their cyber-physical properties. We thus develop two research directions: the specification of a service-oriented design method for smart devices with formal considerations in order to validate their behavior, and the proposal of a self-adaptation framework in order to handle changing operating context through self-reasoning and the definition of a declarative self-adaptation objectives specification language. The testing of these contributions will be realized through the development of a large-scale experimental framework based on a remote diagnostics case-study relying on non- invasive wearable biomedical sensors.

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