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10/12/2019 10:00

Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Sofia RODICHKINA

Soutenance en cotutelle internationale entre Lomonosov Moscow State University, (Moscou, Russie) et l’INSA Lyon

Electrical and thermal properties of silicon nanowire arrays

Doctorante : Sofia RODICHKINA

Laboratoire INSA : INL
Ecole doctorale : ED34 Matériaux de Lyon

This work aims to provide a reader with information on fabrication of highly-doped SiNWs arrays, their contactless diagnostics, thermal and electrical conductivity. The observed high electrical and low thermal conductivity of highly-doped SiNWs arrays, formed by metal-assisted
chemical etching and additionally doped using the thermal diffusion of impurities from spin-on
dopant solutions, shows that SiNWs arrays represent a promising material for thermoelectric applications.

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  • Salle Chappe (Bâtiment Claude Chappe, TC) - Villeurbanne

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