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Professional development contracts

A professional development contract is a three-way contract linking a learner, a company and a training organization.

Learners involved in this type of block release training are employed by the company and in this context, have the same rights and the same duties as any other employee. They are paid at least 80% of the minimum wage applicable to young people under 26 years of age. The length of the employment contract is equal to that of the professional development contract, that is 9 months.

Professional development contracts lead to a professional qualification.
Obtaining an engineering diploma and obtaining this qualification are not the same.

"Deployment of a LEAN procedure" professional development contract

salle de travaux pratiquesPractical work room. Created in partnership with Métallurgie Rhodanienne (UIMM), the objective of this contract is to train Assistant Project Managers, and Lean Project Managers. This contract is offered to student-engineers during the last year of their course by three of INSA Lyon's departments: Biosciences, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Development Engineering.