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Recruiting an engineer

Engineering cycle: Placements and jobs young graduates

Recruit our students: diffuse the offers of internships, 1st employment, apprenticeship... here

Offers and events will be diffused on the INSA Lyon intranet's students.

A part of the site is avalaible to companies :

For placements in engineering cycle, depending on the profile you are looking for, we recommend you should consult the key skills and placement timetables by branch of training : master's degree - postgraduate courses

In the context of a privileged partnership between INSA Lyon and your company, you will be offered more targeted communication options.

Worker placement

The ‘worker’ placement is mandatory, for at least four weeks. It takes place during the summer holidays, between the first and second year.

More information: Preparatory Level

Confirmed and junior engineering vacancies

These are managed by INSA Lyon's Engineers and Graduates Association (AIDIL) and should be sent to the following email address:

The graduate network comprises over 31,000 engineers in employment, AIDIL publishes the graduate directory each year.