Doctoral schools

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, doctoral schools work in conjunction with research teams to train future PhD graduates. They provide a structure and high-level training for three years until the students have successfully completed and defended their thesis.

INSA Lyon is co-accredited for eight doctoral schools in life sciences, hard sciences and social sciences. It is responsible for running two of them: MEGA (Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Acoustics) and Materials.

In 2013, 645 PhD students were enrolled in these eight doctoral schools.

Life Sciences

ED 205  Interdisciplinaire Science et Santé (EDISS) -  (Sciences-Health Interdisciplinary)
Disciplines, topics: integrated Physiology and Extreme Conditions ; Structural and Functional Biochemistry ; Biomedical Engineering Nutritional Metabolism and Endocrine Regulation ; Health systems analysis methods ; Osteoarticular biology, biomechanics and biomaterials ; Cardiovascular physiopathology and pharmacology ; Sports and performance ; Cutaneous physiology, biovaibility and pharmacology.


ED 341 Evolution, Ecosystème, Microbiologie, Modélisation (E2M2) -  (Evolution, Ecosystem, Microbiology, Modelling)
Disciplines, topics: Paleoenvironment and evolution ; Microorganisms, interactions, infections ; Evolutionary biology ; population biology, ecophysiology ; Biomathematics, bioinformatics, evolutionary genomics ; Community ecology, ecosystems, ecotoxicology.

INSA contact: Sylvie Reverchon

Formal and Physical Sciences

ED 34 Matériaux - Materials
Disciplines, topics: Development and characterization of materials ;  Determination of their physical, mechanical, chemical and biological properties ; Modelling relation between composition, microstructure and these properties ; Activi within the fields of the nanosciences, nanomaterials and applications oriented towards health.

ED 160 Electronique, Electrotechnique, automatique (EEA) - (Electronic, Electrotechnical, Automation)
Disciplines, topics: Electronics, electrotechnical Engineering, automation and signal processing via three specialisations: Energy and systems ; information technologies and health ; Micro and nanotechnologies

ED 162 Mécanique, Energétique, Génie civil et acoustique (MEGA) - (Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Acoustics)
Disciplines, topics: Mechanical engineering ; Energetics ; Civil Engineering ; Acoustics

ED 206 Chimie, Procédés, Environnement -  Lyon Chemistry
Disciplines, topics: Chemistry ; Environment ; Processes.

INSA contact: Rémy Gourdon

ED 512 InfoMaths (Informatique et Mathématiques) - (Computing and Mathematics)
Computing: Complex systems ; Parellel calculus ; Computer arithmetic ; Enhanced modelling and reality ; Images and videos ; Mediatised collaborative interaction
Mathematics: Logic ; Number theory ; Algebra ; Geometry ; Analysis ; Probability ; Statistics ; Mathematical physics ; Modelling and scientific calculus.

Human and social sciences

ED 483 Histoire, géographie, aménagement, urbanisme, archéologie, sciences politiques, sociologie, anthropologie (ScSo) - (History, Geography, Town Planning, Urbanism, Archaeology, Political science, sociology, Anthropology)
Disciplines, topics : History ; Archaeology ; Art History ; Sociology ; Ethnology ; Anthropology ; Geography ; Town planning ; Urbanism ; Architecture ; Political science ; Demographt.

INSA contact: Jean-Yves Toussaint.