15 Jul
15/07/2019 14:00

Sciences & Société

Soutenance de thèse : Luxiao CHAI

Rapid access to oil-filled nanocapsules through nanoprecipitation

Doctorante : Luxiao CHAI

Laboratoire INSA : IMP
Ecole doctorale : ED34 Matériaux de Lyon

PVA-NCs, PVA-based glycoNCs and Polyoxazoline-based glycoNCs are prepared through a rapid one-pot nanoprecipitation process (OUZO effect). The formaion of the nanocapsules can be controlled by the use of shell cross-linker. In addition, the size of the PVA-NCs are demonstrated to be effected by the oil content and acetone mass fraction in OUZO and SFME domain. The addition of salt promotes the stabilization of PVA-NCs in water. The prepared nanocapsules can be decorated with biomolecules and loaded actives (fluorecent tags, drugs). The PVA-based glycoNCs can binding with Con A. The polyoxazoline-based glycoNCs are pH-responsive. Thanks to this pH-responsiveness, the drug release can be triggered by adjusting the pH of the system.

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  • Amphithéâtre Emilie du Châtelet - Bibliothèque Marie Curie - INSA Lyon

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