Human sciences

Since the creation of INSA Lyon, “Human Sciences” have been a core element in training engineers who are immediately operational in a globalised world. Apart from language teaching, philosophy and culture, engineering students receive at least 50 hours of training dedicated to business knowledge and management.

This training was reinforced in 2004 to make more room for non-technological aspects of the engineering profession: finance, marketing, human resources etc., in order to prepare the engineering students to work with professionals in these disciplines.

INSA Lyon is convinced of the need to develop a humanistic culture adapted to the contemporary world; a culture that should be embodied by our graduate engineers.

The School has a Human Sciences centre that groups together teachers, equipment and teaching aids for training engineering students in four areas:

  • Modern Languages
  • Communication skills
  • Human Sciences
  • Knowledge of business and the engineering profession

These courses are intended to make the INSA engineers capable of managing their relationships with their direct environment (the company, the global society), to fit seamlessly into contemporary society and deploy their expertise within it.
The Human Sciences Centre aims to provide cross-functional as well as humanistic training.

The training within this Centre allows students to acquire oral and written communication skills and promotes the learning of new information, communication and audiovisual technologies.

It provides the foreign language training that is so important for today’s engineers in the international world.
The teaching of human sciences gives future engineers the conceptual tools to address the complexity of today’s society, including business and science issues.

These lessons also include ethical reflection, implementing innovative and active teaching methods, which are designed to enable students to learn independence, responsibility and citizenship while fostering creativity and innovation.