Ensuring Success

Active and motivating teaching

INSA Lyon strives to implement active and motivating approaches to teaching, including learning through projects, personal achievements, teamwork, and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The INSA education model involves mastering the fundamentals in engineering sciences within an environment that inspires new behaviours conducive to innovation.

Passerelle: inter-year solidarity within INSA Lyon

"Passerelle" is an initiative that allows students on Master's courses to tutor first-year students, in exchange for a fee.

This programme was initiated as a result of INSA Lyon students wanting to create an inter-year chain of solidarity to encourage student success. It is organised in partnership with the Preparatory Level Department.

The classes offered take the form of tutoring on a one-to-one basis.

The tutors are engineering students on INSA Lyon Master's courses.
The student tutors who wish to participate in this programme must be motivated, professional, and have good teaching skills. Priority is given to students with fewer financial resources as the pay for tutoring is good.

Building your own career path

Individualised support is available to help students build their own academic and professional career paths: choice of modules, specialisations, internships and study periods abroad, depending on their preferences, skills and professional projects.

Student Social Service

The Student Social Service offers support for students who have personal or family difficulties, be they emotional, financial or material. After an initial evaluation, the Student Social Service can provide all the means necessary to meet the various difficulties. It also assists foreign students with all administrative formalities and procedures, helps with social security problems, CAF applications (family allowances fund), provides recommendations, administrative information on compulsory internships and internship contracts, etc.

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre dispenses medical care, advice and follow-up, health information, and referrals for specific consultations or to specialised medical facilities.