Doctoral schools

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, doctoral schools work in conjunction with research teams to train future PhD graduates. They provide a structure and high-level training for three years until the students have successfully completed and defended their thesis.

INSA Lyon is co-accredited for eight doctoral schools in life sciences, hard sciences and social sciences. It is responsible for running two of them: MEGA (Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Acoustics) and Materials.

Life Sciences

ED 205  Interdisciplinaire Science et Santé (EDISS) -  (Sciences-Health Interdisciplinary)
Disciplines, topics: integrated Physiology and Extreme Conditions ; Structural and Functional Biochemistry ; Biomedical Engineering Nutritional Metabolism and Endocrine Regulation ; Health systems analysis methods ; Osteoarticular biology, biomechanics and biomaterials ; Cardiovascular physiopathology and pharmacology ; Sports and performance ; Cutaneous physiology, biovaibility and pharmacology.

ED 341 Evolution, Ecosystème, Microbiologie, Modélisation (E2M2) -  (Evolution, Ecosystem, Microbiology, Modelling)
Disciplines, topics: Paleoenvironment and evolution ; Microorganisms, interactions, infections ; Evolutionary biology ; population biology, ecophysiology ; Biomathematics, bioinformatics, evolutionary genomics ; Community ecology, ecosystems, ecotoxicology.

Formal and Physical Sciences

ED 34 Matériaux - Materials
Disciplines, topics: Development and characterization of materials ;  Determination of their physical, mechanical, chemical and biological properties ; Modelling relation between composition, microstructure and these properties ; Activi within the fields of the nanosciences, nanomaterials and applications oriented towards health.

ED 160 Electronique, Electrotechnique, automatique (EEA) - (Electronic, Electrotechnical, Automation)
Disciplines, topics: Electronics, electrotechnical Engineering, automation and signal processing via three specialisations: Energy and systems ; information technologies and health ; Micro and nanotechnologies

ED 162 Mécanique, Energétique, Génie civil et acoustique (MEGA) - (Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Acoustics)
Disciplines, topics: Mechanical engineering ; Energetics ; Civil Engineering ; Acoustics

ED 206 Chimie, Procédés, Environnement -  Lyon Chemistry
Disciplines, topics: Chemistry ; Environment ; Processes.

ED 512 InfoMaths (Informatique et Mathématiques) - (Computing and Mathematics)
Computing: Complex systems ; Parellel calculus ; Computer arithmetic ; Enhanced modelling and reality ; Images and videos ; Mediatised collaborative interaction
Mathematics: Logic ; Number theory ; Algebra ; Geometry ; Analysis ; Probability ; Statistics ; Mathematical physics ; Modelling and scientific calculus.

Human and social sciences

ED 483 Histoire, géographie, aménagement, urbanisme, archéologie, sciences politiques, sociologie, anthropologie (ScSo) - (History, Geography, Town Planning, Urbanism, Archaeology, Political science, sociology, Anthropology)
Disciplines, topics : History ; Archaeology ; Art History ; Sociology ; Ethnology ; Anthropology ; Geography ; Town planning ; Urbanism ; Architecture ; Political science ; Demographt.