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Lyon Nanotechnology Institute (INL)

INPI Prize for Innovation in Rhône Alpes

On Monday 10 December 2012, in Grenoble, the Lyon Nanotechnology Institute was awarded the INPI Prize for Innovation in Rhône Alpes in the Research Units category. The prize recognises an organisation which is exceptional in terms of its capacity for innovation and the promotion of its work by means of an appropriate intellectual property strategy.

Introduced in 1991, INPI Innovation Prizes recognise small and medium enterprises for their ability to grow through a policy of innovation and promotion of their intellectual property, as well as research organisations which apply their R & D work through the exploitation of intellectual property.

INL is the most significant patent-registration component of INSAVALOR, the promotional sector of INSA Lyon. One patent in 4 currently managed by INSAVALOR concerns INL (22 of a total of 92 patents). INL was created in January 2007 by merging the three Lyon laboratories of Ecole Centrale, INSA and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

INL fields of research range from materials science to systems engineering, with domains of application covering major economic sectors such as semiconductors, microelectronics, photonics, telecommunications, energy, health, biology, industrial control, defence and the environment.

This highly encouraging first result puts INL on the same footing, in terms of innovation and implementation, as other prize-winning regional organisations. INPI is shortly to award a prize for innovation on the national scale.