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"L'Usine Nouvelle" 2012 Rankings

INSA Lyon ranked 3rd best engineering school

Published on 1 March, the results of the multi-criteria ranking of the top 100 engineering schools established by the magazine L’Usine Nouvelle placed INSA Lyon on the 3rd spot on the podium, one step higher than in 2011. Just behind Polytechnique (87.8) and Les Mines ParisTech (85.6), INSA Lyon ranks as the leading school outside Paris, with 75.7 points.

The ranking demonstrates INSA Lyon's international excellence thanks to its partnerships

L’Usine Nouvelle assessed the engineering schools according to several criteria: integration in the professional world, the resources devoted to each student, involvement in research and the international aspect of the training. This year, the final criterion cited above evolved by taking into account the percentage of engineering students who go abroad, not only for academic stays but also company internships. INSA Lyon achieved a score of 100 points out of 100 in this field, notably thanks to its partnerships with over 200 foreign establishments, with 78% of students on the engineering degree programme going abroad (i.e. 700 students out 900 engineering graduates each year).

"The fact that we achieved 3rd place in this year's ranking of the top 100 engineering schools clearly acknowledges the overall quality of our school and notably our strong international profile, which is one of our distinctive features. We are committed to giving our students the opportunity to gain international experience during their course, in order to open their minds and give them a practical understanding of the universal scope of engineering sciences. This is essential for their future careers. With this goal in mind, we are pursuing our partnership policy, including for doctorates, in order to strengthen the European and international dimension of our school and research laboratories," underlines Eric Maurincomme, the Director of INSA Lyon.