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Dance Studies

As of the 2nd year

visuel illustrant la section danse-étudesFounded in 1991, the Dance Studies section, as of the second year, offers engineering students training that aims to develop their cultural and artistic sensibility through contact with professional dancers.

No technical prerequisites are necessary. Only good motivation is required.
The choreographers come from different dance styles (contemporary, classical, contemporary afro, circus, etc.)

Students also receive training in the history of dance. By discovering shows, and meeting with choreographers, they build a genuine artistic culture.

This course is an option and is incorporated into the schedule. In the different engineering departments, training continues according to the student’s wishes.

It can be diversified and enriched in the Second Cycle:

  • Production techniques option,
  • Project for choreography broadcasting in Rhone-Alps
  • The process of choreographic creations with a dance professional invited for a short residential stay
  • Relations between dance and new technologies (computer - video)
  • Relations with other arts (music, plastic arts etc.) 
image contact
Delphine Savel
Responsable Section Danse-études
Tel. +33(0)4 72 43 88 64
Email :

The qualities required

  • good motivation
  • and a school level that allows students to assume the extra work load.